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Issue with your Laptop RAM ? Plan to Upgrade your RAM on Laptop?

One of the most critical components in a computer system is the RAM, it is a temporary storage on computer that allows stored data to be received and read almost spontaneously. When you open up a program, it goes to temporarily stored in your computer's memory (or RAM) for snap access, Usually, the faster the RAM size on the Laptop, the faster the processing speed of programs. With faster RAM size, you increase the speed at which memory or storage transfers data’s to other components sense, So ram in the laptop decides the speed of the laptop processing, so increasing the Laptop RAM will increase the performance of the laptop which ease the work performing the laptop. So if you are planning upgrade you Laptop RAM , tech365 would be best place to upgrade the Laptop RAM in few minutes.

Are you sure can upgrade your Laptop RAM , Yes but if you have Extra RAM Slot on your Laptop is provided? Well, that is being upgrading RAM is a very usual process, and most of laptops provided with RAM extension slot,

For Upgrade RAM extension slots are available in most of the laptop models that allow simple Plug & Play. This really means that you can connect or insert a new RAM on the Laptop and you can access it instantly. But your have to be careful while doing it as it needs expert to do the same, because of most the latest laptops comes with inbuilt Laptop Battery . Tech365 would be the best place for the expertise service.

Is my laptop can be Upgraded?

Usually most of laptops provided with extra RAM slots in order to upgrade, only few laptops have just one slot. Each and every laptops are in different configuration so type of RAM differs, There are the type of RAM s on the Laptops so far.

Types of Laptop RAM

  • DDR3 RAM (i3,i5 2nd Gen Laptops)
  • DDR3L RAM (i3, i5, i7 3rd Gen Laptops)
  • DDR4 RAM ( i3, i5, i7 6th Gen above)
  • DDR5 RAM (i3, i5, i7 6th 12gen Onwards)

You can upgrade the Laptop RAM to Speed up the booting and processing of the laptop ,it advisiable to upgrade the Laptop RAM to get the maximum performance. We can upgrade all brand Laptops RAMlike Govt Laptop, Dell, Hp, Lenovo, Acer, Sony, LG @ tech365


RAM is temporary storage device on the computer or laptop, which will process the data in a temporary memory, which will helping to speed up the task.
Each & Every Laptop or Desktop Computer has RAM Slots, its a Plug & Unplug type, if your tech Savvy, you could very well replace the RAM on the Laptop or Desktop Computer.
Not, Not at all Desktop RAM Differ from Laptop RAM in size, Desktop RAM is 4.5 inches in Length ,Whereas Laptop RAM is only 3 inches.
Currently most of the Laptops or Desktop uses DDR2 RAM, DDR3 RAM, DDR3L RAM, DDR4 RAM, DDR5 RAM on devices
You cannot upgrade RAM on Desktop or Laptop as per your wish, since each and every motherboard has it support limit as per motherboard specification, so check your device support before plan to upgrade the Laptop or Desktop RAM
No,Since replacing RAM with proper safety measure is needed, Most of the laptop has inbuilt battery, it may damage the motherboard if it is not properly removed while replacing or re seating the RAM on the Laptop

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