Planning to Upgrade or Replace Hard Drive ?

Best Place to improve your laptop performance by Installing New Hard Drive , SSD or NVMe

If you are looking for a reliable and trusted Laptop Service centre to replace Hard Drive or SSD Upgrade service center in Chennai, AVADI, Pattabiram? Our experts from tech365 will help you with your Laptop HDD problems. We have the most reliable technicians who are well trained and certified. Technicians will be having all the must tools and skills to perform the task at hand. We offer a wide range of services like HDD repair, Hard Drive replacement and SSD Upgrade. If you have any queries regarding our services, feel free to contact us anytime.

Whether you are using a Laptop or a desktop pc, you may need to replace the Hard Drive sometimes..

We could diagnose and replace your laptop not working hard drive in few minutes. We replace the most trusted, quality and excellent performance based hard Drive or Solid State Drive to your Laptop or Computer.

Replacing SSD can drastically improve the speed and performance.

Our laptop experts can replace your Laptop Hard Drive or SSD with care, If possible old Laptop Hard Drive data’s will be backup and transferred back to the new HDD or SSD as it was before.

We can replace the SSD or HDD with storage capacity of 128 GB, 256 Gb, 512 GB SSD or 500GB, 1TB or 2TB Hard Drive, up to your choice.

  • Disk Boot Failure.
  • Hard Disk Not Detected.
  • Blue Screen Errors. (BSOD)
  • No Boot Drive Found.
  • Slow Performance.
  • Os Boot Issue.
  • HDD Clicking / Noisy Sounds.
  • HDD/SSD/NVMe Upgrade.

Yes it is a good desision to backup the data on the Hard Drive and upgrade the Laptop Hard Drive to the current trend like SSD, M.2, NVMe


If your laptop started to perform poor in Boot up, Working Performance, Responding to the commmands it could the reason that Hard Drive on the laptop is about to end.
Yes there are few hard drive manufacturer has thier own tool to check the hard drive condition. Expample, Seagate has its own tool called Seatools to check the Hard Drive
Yes, few brand laptops has its own built in tool to check the hard drive condition. You can run diganostics to check it.
Starts from 500 gb, it depends on the laptop specification you could upgrade or add the hard drive capacity on the laptop
No, not all the laptop has the provision to add the M2 0r NVMe hard drive in it.
Adding or replacing the Hard Drive or SSD or NVMe will cost you approximately 600 rs if you have the product with you.

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