Laptop Chip Level Issue?

Here at tech365, Motherboard of any Laptop is the most crucial part and needs most qualified and skilled technician to repair it. We take care of all kinds of chiplevel issue on the laptop like Dead, No Display, No Boot, Bios Update, Heating Issue, Restarts Often, Graphics Issue.Tech365 offers the best Chip Level Service using high technology integrated methods. We provide high aspect Laptop Chip Level Service with expert handling.

We are experts in basic to advance chiplevel servicing for all brand laptop boards. Our technicians are about 10 + years of experience in Laptop Chip Level servicing, Suddenly your most loved laptop is dead and not able to repair it, we are here to resolve you issue, We are most trusted ,quality service center in Chennai, AVADI, Pattabiram.

We offer laptop chip-level motherboard services at competitive prices as compared to other service centers in the market. Most chip level issue are as follows

Chip Level issue Types

  • No Power(Dead)
  • No Display.
  • No Boot
  • Restarts Often
  • Wireless Issue
  • Battery Not Charging
  • Audio Issue
  • Keyboard Issue
  • USB Port Issue

tech365 one of the best place to get the laptop fixed with utmost care.


Starts from Dead Laptop, Restarting Issue, Not Displaying, Repeated issued not solving after all software part comes under chip level issue
Laptop is Dead, Power ON But No Display, Connected but no charging, Restarting often, Too much of Heat on the Laptop,Wifi Not Connecting.
There are many reasons for chip level issue like voltage flucatuation, Over Charging, Water Spill, Accidental Drop, Wrong Charger and other reasons
No, Not at all , Chip level issues cannot be resolved at door step and other permises,as it could be checked in proper Lab setup as it needs lots of tools and spares to identify the issue and also time taking
It depends on the issue and spare needed to fix the issue, it starts from Rs.1500/-
If the issue cannot be fixed on chip level servicing then replacing the motherboard would be the last and final option to make the laptop to up and running like before

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