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Welcome to tech365, one of the best laptop battery service center in Chennai for brands like as Hp, Dell, Lenovo, Acer, Sony and other brand Laptop batteries, Our Most Repeated Batteries brands are Hp laptop battery, Dell Laptop Battery, Lenovo Laptop battery, Acer Laptop battery, Sony Laptop battery, Compaq Laptop battery, Samsung Laptop Battery. We deal Original Laptop Battery, OEM Laptop Battery or compatible laptop batteries. All type of Laptop Batteries cover warranty from 6 months to 1 year, Both Shop and brand warranty.

Most of the Laptop users do not pay much attention to laptop batteries, every batteries should be charged and Discharged regularly this was the battery functionality, If it is over charged or not charged often losing its Functionality that could the reason for laptop battery failure, charging the laptop battery till 95% and wait till 15% then reconnect the charger back to the Laptop to charge it. This is best way to increase the laptop battery Life.

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These are most common issue for battery replacement

  • Battery Not Charging
  • Plugged in not Charging
  • Plugged in 0%
  • Low Battery Life
  • Replace Battery Message of Boot
  • Battery Missing/Not Connected Message
  • Bulged Battery
  • Battery Overheat
  • Hasee HEC Battery
  • Lenovo B90 Battery
  • Lenovo B460e Battery

Our OG / OEM & Compatible Batteries For

  • Dell Battery
  • Hp Battery.
  • Lenovo Battery
  • Sony Battery
  • Acer Battery.
  • LG Battery
  • Lenovo E41-25 Battery
  • Lenovo E41-15 Battery
  • Hasee HEC Battery
  • Lenovo B90 Battery
  • Lenovo B460e Battery

We deals with all types of the laptop batteries, each and every laptop batterydiffers so it will take a day or 2 to get the most suitable battery for your laptop.


1.Laptop battery drains soon 2.Battery Bulge 3.Too much heat from Battery part
Its Little technical some times it could be of the charging section issue, battery replacement will not solve the issue.
Internal Battery and External battery are the two types
Every Battery should be charged and discharged thats usual routing of the battery, if your charge the battery till 90% and wait till drains upto 15% then charge it back, Battery life will be good as you wish
Yes it can be replaced on your own if it is external battery incase of inbuilt batteries caution needed while replacing it could damage the Motherboard sometimes.
Here at tech365, we provide the best price all laptop batteries, it starts from Rs.1499. Call 9841090365 for more info

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