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There can be many causes resulting data lost in your computer or laptops. This becomes a big menace, especially in case of a corporate office, where there are numbers of staff working at a time. This situation will also emphasize immediate data recovery from the professionals.There are numbers of data recovery in Chennai professionals available to provide you with various services. In this array, Tech365 takes the opportunity of being your perfect choice to cater all your individual and specific data recovery needs.

The experienced and talented team of data recovery center in Chennai is capable of handling all types of data loss. They can recover files, images or any other data lost from laptops, desktops, external hard drives, tablets, on-chip memory in smartphones, pen drive, memory card and any other devices. They can also retrieve files that are accidentally deleted or lost, due to system failure. There is no doubt that Tech365 can assure you 99% satisfied recovery solution using the most advanced software, tools and techniques available for data recovery. There is no doubt that you get world-class data recovery service from this professional team to regain your lost, corrupted, deleted or formatted data.

Many may have the misconception that the cost of data recovery in Chennai is higher. Nevertheless, Tech365 serves to be very affordable and reasonable too in recovering your data.

No matter what Operating System you have, brand, model of device, type of device or the cause of data loss, it is possible to quickly and safely recover your lost data.

To understand and identify the exact cause of data loss, the professional will conduct an evaluation. Moreover, remember the fact that every case is unique, therefore different approach and technique should be followed for data recovery.  To point a few:

Recover data loss due to:

Hardware failure

Human errors

Software failure

Water / flood damages

Heat / fire damages

Virus attacks

Shocks / abuses

Forgot password

Disk encryption and much more

Tech365 is recognized as one of the best data recovery centers in Chennai offering multiple data recovery services. This data recovery professional team is also capable of recovering data from servers, emails, CD/DVDs, SSS drives and other storage types. They can recover corrupted, deleted and even inaccessible data from any media storage devices.

Therefore, you no more need to worry about having lost your important data, but just simply call to Tech365, who will be at your immediate reach to help you with quick recovery.

Tech365 thus takes the opportunity of serving as a recognized data recovery center in Chennai with huge customer response across the city.

When to take backup my hard drive?

  • You can take backup of your hard drive, if you see any of the below symptoms even can call our tech experts.
How do i know my hard drive is Faulty ? Bad Hard Disk Symptoms
  • Computers will Starting up very very slow.
  • Files and application taking long time to open.
  • Sluggish performance.
  • Hard Drive Partition missing in my computer.
  • Shows Black Screen with white text when computer starts (Disk Check)
  • Some Boot error message when computer starts
  • Hearing a click noise from the hard disk.
  • Cannot Reinstall Operating System on the Hard Disk


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